What is a Pre-Purchase Standard Timber Pest Report?


The Timber Pest Report has many items that it reports on. They are in detail as follows:

  1. Is there evidence of live termites?
  2. Is there evidence of termite activity or damage?
  3. Is there evidence of a previous termite management program?
  4. Is there any evidence of chemical delignification damage?
  5. Is there evidence of fungal decay activity or damage?
  6. Is there evidence of wood borer activity?
  7. Is there evidence of conditions conducive to timber pest attack?
  8. Is there any evidence of major safety hazards?


Additionally, we will note down the following:

  1.  Any lack of adequate subfloor ventilation.
  2. Any presence of excessive moisture.
  3. Any bridging or breaching of termite barriers and inspection zone.
  4. Any untreated or non-durable timber used in a hazardous environment?

Termite Treatment.

See each of the separate page links for further information:

For further information on all these, also read the guide book: Urban Pest Management In Australia.

Also, see the Definitions of Words which are also in the written report.

Terms of Conditions of the report.

Terms of Risk Management of the report.