Termite Treatment


What are the options?


There are various termite treatments. The inspector will give some indication as to what the treatment should be. But note that the inspector is not an exterminator. He is an inspector. But in saying this, the treatments are simple.

If you are not totally certain that termites exist then try the termite baits. These are plastic containers that have a piece of material in the ground and it has a small piece of timber, laced with poison. The baits are locked inside a plastic container that kids and pets cannot access. But there is an entry for small termites. If there are termites nearby, they might attack the bait and eat it and you can see if they are present. Termites are cannibals and they will take their poisoned bodies home, die and then get consumed by their neighbours and the poison in that way travels through the entire colony. If the baits just disappear it means there are termites somewhere nearby. It does not mean they are in your property. But they are close.

If you have little concern for the environment and the health of those you love, then you can spray lots of chemical poisons around your property. There are companies that specialize in this. These are designed to kill life and leave no members standing. The chemical companies will often explain that the poison is totally safe for human consumption and that your pets are possibly totally safe etc. But remember this poison is designed to kill biological life, and what works well on termites, may work on other life forms. All animals on this planet share a lot of similar DNA.

Also, know that there are termites that do not enter your home but prefer to live outside. Termites are not intrinsically bad. They are small creatures that have grown to break down the timber forests. If we did not have these timber pests we would live under hundreds of meters of dead branches. So they have a purpose. It is just that you do not want them affecting your home and processions.

But in saying the above there are times when spraying termites is the only solution. But the best way to handle termites is not have conducive conditions for them to nest into in the first place. The best solution is to inspect your property often and if they are found get them out from the property immediately. Do not wait. Replace the infected material and spray the surrounding area.