Vendor Inspection – Prices

If the vendor inspection you need is not standard then ring us for a quick consultation and quote.


Our Standard Pricing of Inspections:

FULL VENDOR INSPECTION FOR ACT: (Flat rate for homes in the metro area.) These are for vendors in ACT who need the mandatory Termite Inspection Report, Energy Efficiency Report, ACT Compliance Summary Report, and the usual Building Inspections Report. These four reports, plus the conveyancing package, are legally needed for selling homes in ACT and so are packaged in one price as below, including GST and fees:

ACT Full Vendor Inspection Package in 4 Days (standard)           $897.00

ACT Full Vendor Inspection Package in 4 day, Delayed Settlement. This means the fees get paid on the settlement of the property instead of immediately after the inspection invoice, or at 180 days. Whichever is earlier. (Usual)        $977.00.00
ACT Full Vendor Inspection Package //RUSH// Extra government fees $1,047.00
Large house, or well outside of Canberra – usual extra cost per item.   $110.00

For New South Wales public who are buying near ACT, and require building inspections prior to purchase.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Only – for purchasers:           $427.00

This price depends on the building and its distance from ACT. It does not include the termite inspection or the energy efficiency rating which the above ACT package includes. Call us first for an idea of price, if not sure. But in Canberra mostly it is $427, but for larger homes it can go as high as $467. You decided if your home is medium, large or extra large and tell us.

Payment methods:

  • – Netbank (This is the preferred method.)
  • – On site during inspection.

You will always be sent an invoice when the work is done.

Comparing prices with other inspectors?

No problem, At Professional Building Inspections ACT our prices are competitive and we invite you tell us if you receive a cheaper quote.

Be sure to ask these questions:

  1. Are they covered by professional indemnity insurance?
  2. Do they have a current builder’s registration in the ACT?
  3. Are their inspectors available after the inspection to comment on the report? We are.
  4. Do their reports comply with AS4349.1 and 4349.3?
  5. Do they enter the roof cavity?
  6. Do they inspect plumbing outlets?
  7. Do they inspect lights and fixtures and fittings and power points?
  8. Do their reports include maintenance issues? Sometimes, they do not.