Conducive Conditions for Timber Pest Attack


Conducive conditions for timber pest attack vary from house to house. To have conditions that enable termites to attack timber vary depending on the climate and the season.

Lots of timber stacked in a moist and wet area by a storage shed is ideal. Often these are not disturbed for years, so termites can go on dining for a long time. Those that are half buried in the ground mean the termites do not have to be exposed to sunlight and can get straight to the timber from the ground. Being damp helps them to as they need moisture to survive.

Having a wet area leaking under the house helps termites. Having soil that is damp helps. Having no cross ventilation helps as that prevents the area from drying out. All these items are conducive elements to timber pest attack.

Another attack may be leaving the roof open in spring when the termites take to the air looking for a place to make new nests.

The inspector must note all these conditions and put them in the report.